Boon Fly Cafe

With the budget of a full-time student, rarely do I ever go out to Napa to for breakfast. But I just had to taste for myself!

I’ve always heard great things about The Boon Fly Cafe at the Carneros Inn, so over this past winter break I got to see for myself! After a nice hike in Napa with my family, we decided to ring in the new year with a delicious breakfast at Boon Fly.

Being a Sunday, the small restaurant was crowded with a 30 minute wait to be seated. However, the wait proved to be worth it!

My order? The eggs benedict with a side of the most delicious hash browns I’ve ever had!IMG_1850

If that doesn’t do it for you, then their delicious mini doughnuts sure will! You simply cannot eat at The Boon Fly Cafe without ordering their signature doughnuts. I guarantee they will change your life!